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Can Body Scrub Remove Dark Spots?

Dark spots (or hyperpigmentation) are caused by a concentration of melanin in one area of the skin and can appear anywhere on the face or body. They are usually attributed to sun damage. While they’re not typically cause for concern, some people may consider them unsightly. Luckily, there are effective methods to remove dark spots.

Most people know that body scrubs are a great way of making your skin feel soft and deeply moisturized, but did you know a regular body scrub can also help to reduce the appearance of and remove dark spots on your skin?

A body scrub is an exfoliant that is rubbed on the skin to physically remove dead skin cells, prompting skin cell turnover for healthy, radiant-looking skin. Many people use them as part of their normal skincare routine. Popular body scrubs on the market are usually made with salt, sugar, or even used coffee grounds, but you can also perform a body scrub using abrasive gloves or towels.

Because body scrubs remove layers of dead skin cells, this process allows new skin cells to emerge to the surface, which can help reduce the appearance of and remove dark spots and make your skin look brighter and feel smoother over time. Certain body scrubs even contain ingredients that are known to lighten the skin, such as vitamin C.

When receiving an authentic Korean body scrub from King Spa, we will use special exfoliating gloves (called “Korean Italy Towel”) and special Korean soap to give you the deepest and most effective exfoliating body scrub treatment.

Body Scrub

Does body scrub lighten skin?

Body scrubs can help remove dark spots and brighten skin over time, but they are not technically skin lighteners. However, with consistent use, you may eventually notice a more even skin tone and reduced hyperpigmentation.

Some body scrubs take it a step further by containing added ingredients that help to lighten the skin, such as vitamin C, retinoids, kojic acid, chemical exfoliants, azelaic acid, hydroquinone, and others. These ingredients are great to remove dark spots caused by hyperpigmentation.

When choosing a body scrub, look for these ingredients if your goal is to lighten your skin tone. However, body scrubs, in general, work well to reduce the appearance of and remove dark spots as they stimulate cellular regeneration, so you don’t necessarily need a body scrub with skin-lightening ingredients to achieve a brighter complexion.

Aim to do a body scrub 2-3 times per week if you are trying to remove dark spots, but decrease this amount if any skin irritation occurs or if you have sensitive skin.

How can I remove my dark spots?

Dark spots can be caused by many reasons, but aging and exposure to sun or artificial light (like the UV light found in tanning beds) are the most common reasons why people develop them. People with lighter skin tones are more prone to developing dark spots since they are more sensitive to the effects of sun exposure.

While you can take steps to avoid getting dark spots, such as avoiding sun exposure when possible, covering up, and wearing sunscreen, you can also take steps to remove dark spots’ appearance once they form.

Some expensive treatments can produce immediate or almost immediate results, such as laser treatments, but you may not feel comfortable going under the laser, or you may not be able to fit it into your budget. And while skin-lightening creams can work, these often use chemicals that can be harsh on the skin or come with unwanted side effects. That’s where the all-natural body scrub comes in.

Body scrubs are an ideal skin brightening option to gradually remove dark spots in a safe and natural way. They work by physically removing layers of dead skin cells and dirt through the process of mechanical abrasion, which is not harmful to the skin. In fact, regular exfoliation is recommended to keep your skin looking healthy, increase blood flow, and keep your lymphatic system working properly.

Removing built-up layers of dead skin cells is the key to reducing the appearance of dark spots and uneven skin tone because when new cells are permitted to emerge on the skin’s surface, they are healthy and free of the damage that caused your dark spots to begin with.

Consider getting weekly body scrubs to remove dark spots and make room for more radiant, healthy-looking skin.

At King Spa, body scrub treatments are our most popular service, and we offer them for both men and women in the authentic Korean tradition. Just book your appointment in the men’s or women’s locker room when you come into the spa!

How do you get rid of dark spots fast?

Today, there are many ways to remove dark spots quickly, but most of these methods are very expensive, such as laser treatment, microdermabrasion, and prescription skin-lightening cream. If you’re looking for a rapid and efficient way to remove dark spots, these options might be a good option for you. However, if you’re looking for a safe, natural, and cost-efficient way to remove dark spots, a body scrub is a great option.

Body scrubs remove dark spots naturally over time by removing dead skin cells and making room for new, healthy skin cells to emerge. Not only will you see a reduction in the appearance of dark spots, but you will also notice that your skin is less dry and is more radiant and youthful looking.

Is it good to use body scrub every day?

Body scrubs are an important part of a well-balanced skincare routine as they keep your skin moisturized and prevent it from looking dull and dry. However, it’s not recommended to use a body scrub every day, as too much scrubbing can irritate the skin and cause more harm than good. You know the saying – too much of a good thing is a bad thing.

If you have sensitive skin, try not to do a body scrub more than once per week, and scrub gently! You don’t want to aggravate your skin. Also, if doing a body scrub treatment at home, choose a body scrub with natural ingredients, as some chemical ingredients can irritate the skin or cause a bad reaction. You may also choose to make your own scrub at home using ingredients found in your own kitchen, like sugar, honey, lemon, and coconut oil (a common DIY recipe).

Consider using a body scrub no more than two or three times per week. This should be sufficient enough for most people to keep dry skin at bay. However, some people with extra dry skin, or those with dark spots, may want to body scrub up to three times per week, especially during the cold winter months when our skin can become seriously dry.

Do you scrub before or after bathing?

A body scrub is a deep, deep cleanse, so it’s not necessary to wash before a body scrub. However, it’s best to have a body scrub after you sit for some time in a hot bath, as hot water helps to prepare the skin for deep exfoliation by softening and wrinkling it.

When you receive a body scrub from King Spa, you will be asked to soak in our hot spa bath next to the scrub area for a minimum of ten minutes (although 30 minutes of soaking is ideal) before you check in for your body scrub session. You can also visit our steam room next to our baths for some extra skin prepping!

After your body scrub is complete, you will want to shower to remove any remaining scrub particles and soap. And don’t forget to dry off and apply a moisturizer for the final touch.

What are the benefits of body scrub?

Even though body scrubs are a beauty regimen fad these days, they have actually been used by many cultures around the world for thousands of years. In Korea, body scrubs (“seshin”) received in public bath houses (“jjimjilbang”) are still part of normal life, even today. People attend Korean spas to receive a rigorous body scrub from a professional scrub attendant (“ddemiri”), and do so completely naked so that every part of the body is reached (even the head). And while socializing with friends and family is an attraction of the Korean spa, the health benefits offered by receiving a body scrub is the main cornerstone.

By now, we already know that body scrubs are great to remove dark spots, but there are many other benefits we can receive from them.

Body scrubs help to:

  • reduces ingrown hairs
  • relieves dry and flaky skin
  • eliminates excess oil and clogged pores
  • reduces and prevents acne, acne scars, and breakouts
  • stimulates the lymphatic system
  • increases blood flow
  • leads to brighter and more radiant skin
  • reduces the appearance of dark spots
  • decreases and prevents the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

With so many health and beauty benefits, it’s pretty obvious why body scrubs are incredibly popular and have been around for ages. Let’s keep this fad going!

If your goal for receiving a body scrub is to remove dark spots, it’s important to check in with your primary care physician first to make sure there’s no underlying health issue that might be causing your dark spots, just to be safe.

What is a body scrub at King Spa like?

Receiving a body scrub at King Spa is a real treat – one you really don’t want to miss. When you come to King Spa, you can book your body scrub in the women’s or men’s locker room at a time that works for you. Before you arrive for your body scrub, you should soak in the hot spa bath next to the scrub area for at least 10 minutes, but 30 minutes is ideal. Then, you’ll be directed by your scrub attendant to come to the scrub table. This is where the fun begins.

During your authentic Korean body scrub, you’ll be lying naked on the scrub table in an area where other people are receiving the same treatment. Warm water will be splashed on you, and your scrub attendant will begin to scrub your whole body down from head to toe with special exfoliating gloves called a “Korean Italy Towel.” During the process, they will guide you to move your limbs and turn your body over so they can reach every nook and cranny of your body. While the Korean scrub isn’t painful, it can be slightly uncomfortable for those who are not accustomed to body scrubs.

Once done, your scrub will be completed with a hair wash and scalp massage, and then you’ll receive an oil massage to seal in moisture. Finally, you’ll be directed to rinse off in the shower.

Viola! Your Korean body scrub is complete. Make sure to keep your skin moisturized over the next few days and avoid any other exfoliation or body scrubs for at least a week, as your new skin might feel a little sensitive.

Where can I go for a body scrub?

If you’re looking for a full-body scrub, then you should consider an authentic Korean body scrub at King Spa. Your whole body will be scrubbed down (literally from head to toe) by a professional scrub attendant in our luxurious Korean spa and bath house. It’s the ultimate body scrub experience that you can’t get anywhere else, including your own bathtub.

After receiving a professional Korean body scrub at King Spa, your skin will be glowing for weeks. Make this a part of your monthly skincare routine for skin that never looks dull, dry, or old.

You can choose from three different options of body scrubs at King Spa: 30 minutes, 40 minutes, or 70 minutes (depending on if you’re getting a women’s or men’s scrub)

Visit King Spa Virginia today and experience all that our state-of-the-art sauna, spa, and bath house has to offer while learning more about the rich Korean culture.

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