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Body Scrub Treatment

Do you want smooth and glowing skin from head to toe? Got dull, itchy, and aging skin?

Finally, you can:

Experience all these benefits and more with King Spa’s Korean Body Scrub.

Korean-style body scrub is the beauty secret of Hollywood A-list celebrities and models for that blemish-free and baby-smooth skin. This scrub takes off years of embedded dirt and dead skin that makes you look old and lifeless. This intensely stimulating scrub exfoliates every inch of you, making it ten times more effective than the usual bath salt, sugar salve, or coffee scrubs.

Get the ultimate skin pampering experience with King Spa body scrub.

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Best Korean Spa Bath House in Virginia

Experience authentic Korean “Jimjilbang” bathhouse culture without traveling thousands of miles at King Spa. A Korean bath house is the best place to soak, steam, scrub, and relax after a busy week. This is the Asian secret to looking younger than one’s biological age, now accessible to you right here at Chantilly, Virginia.

The Korean traditional whole-body exfoliation process uses textured mitts to lift off all surface impurities, remove dead skin cells and boost blood circulation to a whole new level. This treatment deep cleanses most especially on places where at-home scrubs fail to reach.

Korean bathhouse exfoliation helps people, both young and old, to get a better complexion. Get into the habit of doing your body polish regularly to maintain that youthful glow all year round.

Benefits of Body Scrub Spa Treatment

Korean body scrub spa treatment is all it takes to smooth out dry patches, improve circulation of lymph nodes and blood, lighten skin pigmentations, reduce the appearance of wrinkles, reduce cellulite and rid your body of toxins via the skin. Your skin will feel squeaky clean, and smooth like a baby.

One of the best benefits of Korean exfoliation is the youthful glow after the treatment. When you don’t remove dead skin cells, your skin will dull and rough appearance. A session of body treatments helps your skin to regenerate and improves your skin tone. You will experience a warm glow due to the increase in blood circulation to the surface.

After a session of Korean body scrub, you will find that your skin absorbs moisturizers better than before. Once all the dead skin cells are removed, any product placed on top of your skin will get soaked better.

Body scrubs encourage the body’s circulation the same way a light massage promotes lymphatic drainage. The act of unclogging your pores and doing the long strokes scrubbing movement stimulates the lymph nodes. Scrubbing in circular motion also massages your muscles to allow your blood to flow more freely. A good scrub gives you silky skin that responds to skincare products more readily.

As you grow older, your skin can’t wholly shed dead skin. This results in ingrown hairs, acne, and lots of rough patches. Regularly doing body scrubs actually prevents ingrown hairs by unclogging your pores. This will make your skin smoother in the long run.

Regular massages and body treatments help to prevent cellulite since it stimulates circulation. It can also reduce the appearance of cellulite or that aging and dimpled skin, especially on the thighs.

Just as an excellent facial can detoxify your skin, a good body scrub can do wonders to make you look younger from head to toe. Regular body treatments accelerate cell turnover and keep your skin in top condition.

Regular scrubbing stimulates faster new skin turnover and collagen and elastin production. This treatment will then reveal a more youthful skin texture. And who doesn’t want to look younger from head to toe?

A professionally done Korean body scrub takes care of the areas where a regular scrub fails to reach. Expect to have areas such as thigh folds in between toes and every nook and cranny in your body get scrubbed. This will encourage your body’s circulation to move from stagnant locations.

What can I expect during a body scrub?

After your registration at the lobby, our staff will lead you to the lockers. You will be given bathrobes to change into. Don’t bring valuables inside as you can’t bring them inside the treatment areas and saunas. Even mobile phones should be kept in the locker. Before deep exfoliation, you need to shower and soak in warm water to loosen off your dead skin cells. You will then be asked to lie down on one of our scrubbing tables.

Your treatment begins once you are sufficiently comfortable. Your aesthetician will start to exfoliate by scrubbing your skin using long and circular strokes. Treatment begins from the neck to your toes. Don’t be surprised if you will see large rolls and clumps of your dead skin as your attendant therapist scrub you off; this is expected. After the body scrub, you will also get a scalp massage.

Exfoliation can be enjoyed on its own or as a part of another luxurious package. We have Women’s Gold Aroma Treatment, Men’s King Scrub, and CBD Oil Treatment. You may avail any of these treatments during registration. These treatment options include relaxing aromatherapy, skin-soothing essential oils, nourishing salves, and healing CBD oil (for CBD oil treatment).

Get the best Korean body scrub and feel like royalty only at King Spa.

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The traditional Korean body scrub is a vital cleansing ritual for health and beauty. It uses Korean scrubbing mitts instead of sugar salves or bath salts. These textured scrubbing gloves are the best tool for literally scrubbing every inch of your skin until all the impurities fall off. The long and short scrub strokes take a massive amount of skin that no other scrubbing product can ever lift off. Scrubbing using this method is best described as an intensely stimulating experience.

All our treatments are best for any season. A good scrub gives you the confidence to bare more skin during summer. It also improves your circulation and gives you that warm glow during fall and winter. You should have a good scrub once a week or at least monthly to keep the surface impurities and stress out of your body.

Yes. However, we have gender-segregated treatment areas and shower rooms. You will also be provided a bathrobe or a sauna uniform (t-shirt and shorts) that you may wear in common areas. You will also be provided with a towel in the shower areas. You are also required to wear a bathing suit if you want to swim in the pools. Outdoor clothing is not allowed anywhere inside the facility. We also have a barefoot facility. Sandals and slippers are both not allowed. You may wear clean socks.

You may talk to your attendant if you are uncomfortable. We try to ensure that you will be comfortable during the scrubbing session. We will answer your concerns and do our best to give you a discreet, professional, and relaxing experience.

If you suffer from heart disease or high blood pressure, or a condition that makes you sensitive to heat, please seek your doctor’s approval before the session. Likewise, we recommend that you don’t visit any Korean spas while you are pregnant. If you have an open wound or sunburnt skin, please postpone your appointment until your skin is fully healed.

Children 12 years old and below are not permitted inside the facility. Minors 17 years old and under must be accompanied by an adult of the same gender. Everyone entering the facility will need a government-issued ID. Children may bring their school ID or a copy of their birth certificate.

All electronics are prohibited inside the spa facility. Please keep them at home or in your car. That includes mobile phones, cameras, e-readers, and laptops.

Your first session may feel awkward and a bit uncomfortable. But after overcoming the awkwardness of having someone scrub every nook and cranny of your body, you will actually enjoy the process.

Shaving is not required. But if you must shave, please do so at least 2 days before your treatment session. Avoid showing up for a treatment 24 hours after shaving or waxing, as your skin might have small cuts or scalds.

Your loose skin will stay on top of your skin and can lead to irritations, clogged pores, calluses, and body odor. Your complexion will also look grayish. You may start to look older than your age. Excessive dead skin may also lead to skin diseases, dandruff, hair loss, breakouts, fungal infections, and more. That is why it is essential to scrub regularly as part of your hygiene and self-care.

To be in your best state of mind and body, avoid drinking the night before your session. Avoid putting in lotion before your scrub treatment. You will also be asked to shower and soak for at least 30 minutes before your scrub. Please show up 30-45 minutes before your scheduled scrub session, so you have enough time for registration, prepping, and soaking.

Our costs vary according to the time of the week. We have weekends and holiday pricing. Please contact us to get the latest treatment pricing and set your appointment.

King Spa, Your Complete Korean Spa, Bathhouse, and Sauna in Virginia

King Spa gives you the authentic Korean spa and sauna experience in an accessible location. No need to go outside the country to get that healing spa experience. We have a world-class complete spa and sauna facility for you and your family. We offer not just Korean body scrubs but also acupressure, massages, and facials. Your day pass includes access to our 9 unique sauna rooms and healing pools.

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