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KING SPA Virginia

Day Spa

Best Spa Treatments

Get the best treatment for your mind, body, and well-being with our healing day spa treatments. At King Spa, VA, you’ll get to experience a world-class day spa center without having to travel to an exotic location!

Relax and feel the calm energy as soon as you step into our doors.

We offer a full array of luxurious day spa services and the best healing techniques in a tranquil environment. Contact us or visit us for an appointment.

Top-Rated Day Spa Services

If you are looking for a comprehensive day spa service at VA, we have everything you need at King Spa. We offer a luxury wellness retreat and Zen-inspired treatment rooms so you can completely unwind and let go of your worries for a day.

Massage therapy

We offer various massages, including deep tissue massage, hot stone massage and Swedish massage for your ultimate relaxation. We also do stone massage, and massages that complement professional scrubs.

Facial Services

Regular facial treatment prevents wrinkles and promotes a youthful-looking complexion. We have collagen infusion, deluxe facials, and King diamond peel – pick one or a combination of these to suit skin.


Relax your tense muscles and balance your vital life force with acupressure. Our acupressure works together with massages for a complete revitalizing package.

Korean Body Scrubs

King Spa’s Korean body scrub not only removes your dead skin cells but also helps to reduce the appearance of cellulites. After a session, your skin will glow with vitality.

V-Steam Herb Treatment

Our seated vaginal steam treatments help with your female pelvic and uterine health. This natural antimicrobial detox process reduces menstrual pain, helps relieve PMS symptoms, helps prevent infections, loosens tight pelvic muscles, and may increase fertility.

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